Manufacturing Criminals: Fourth Amendment Decay in the Electronic Age

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Manufacturing Criminals: Fourth Amendment Decay in the Electronic Age

This book exposes Fourth Amendment violations by ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force). The police organization ICAC uses tactics which directly violate the interception and privacy laws derived from our Fourth Amendment. ICAC originated in Virginia, but is now a nationwide organization. I wrote two amicus briefs with appendices as a pro se litigant and filed them with the Appellate Court of Virginia describing these tactics:

1.Officers claim to be a child and impersonate someone else to intercept communications – without Court authorization.

2.Officers use special tools over the internet to secretly break into private computers and search them – without a warrant.

3.Officers unmask the identity of anonymous online users and geo-locate them – without a warrant.

4. The ICAC Cops Database inventories and tracks content of people’s private computers- data obtained without a warrant. Police and prosecutors should be held to the same standard of law as me.



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