South Carolina’s Lifelong Sex Offender Registry Is Illegal

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

On June 9, 2021, South Carolina Supreme Court says a state law requiring sex offenders to register for life without prior judicial review is unconstitutional. Justices called South Carolina’s sex offender law “The most stringent in the country.” The Court also upheld a portion of the statute that permits the sex offender registry to be published online.

Join The Outspoken Offender as he interviews Lori S. Murray, a defense attorney in South Carolina. She will answer his questions, including:

– What does this mean for other level III registrants in South Carolina? –

-Why do you think it took 30-years to challenge South Carolina’s registry?

– Does the ruling only affect South Carolina law, or does it also involve the constitutionality of SORNA?

The Outspoken Offender will also discuss Senate Republican Sandy Senn’s statement about the public aspect of South Carolina’s sex offender registry. Seen was quoted saying, “We are certainly going to keep publicizing the sex offender registry list. No one wants a sex offender moving into their neighborhood.



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